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How It Works


How It Works

NexusPay™ works with the terminals that support TRX.HOST. You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer with all kinds of systems to communicate with your POS Terminals! It’s simple!

Where Can I Get It

You will need a POS terminal that supports TRX.HOST. Currently J-POS runs on Ingenico Telium terminals can support it. Talk to your POS terminal supplier about it.

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Send your email to info@nexuspay.com.

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NexusPay let you talk to your POS terminals, and they are listening to you.

 – Alex P, CEO,  NexusPay



Relying on EMV, PCI DSS and other technologies and regulations, payment industry always retains the highest level security for payment processing.

The biggest  challenge small and medium businesses  face is to communicate with their EMV, PCI DSS POS terminals.

Thanks to NexusPay, the merchants can now easily connect their POS terminals with their smart phone or other software or system.


What do you need?

You need a POS terminal that can communicate with NexusPay



Connect with us


SecuTrans Bankcard Service affiliates with NexusPay™ and offers out-of-box POS terminal and processing services to small and medium businesses.

Bell Canada is a leading wireless carrier in Canada and the preferred cellar service supplier of SecuTrans Bankcard Services=.

CT-Payment is a member of Interac and an acquirer that supports NexusPay™ solution via the certification of J-POS payment applications on its platform.

Elavon, a leading global acquirer, offers processing services for SecuTrans Bankcard Service.

First Data, a global acquirer, also offers processing services for SecuTrans Bankcard Services.

Ingenico is an industry-leading POS terminal manufacturer and solution provider. It affiliates with NexusPay™ of Tang Plus Corp to offer a full lineup of POS terminals. Its Telium terminals fully support J-POS payment applications.

Verifone is a POS hardware supplier for NexusPay of Tang Plus Corp. J-POS will soon support the Verifone eVo product line.

Rogers Wireless is a cellar service provider for SecuTrans Bankcard Service.


We keep all your secretes.

E-mail: info@nexuspay.com